GM factory stereo and MP3 question

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GM factory stereo and MP3 question

Hi all,

I have a 2005 GMC Sierra with the standard GM CD/AM/FM RDS deck...I also like to use my Samsung YH-925 20GB mp3 player and currently use it via FM xmitter which as you know isn't the best...

My question is...the deck has a button labeled CD/ can I somehow get a wire connected at the back of the deck that would allow me to plug in my Samsung via the headphone jack? I don't care about displaying the songs, etc...just that it would eliminate the FM :)

Thanks in advance!

Matt Whitlock
Some of these factory radios

Some of these factory radios have uncommon connectors, and often require other proprietary control boxes, etc. to get stuff to work. Pull out the radio and look for this "so-called" aux input. If you spot a set of RCA leads, or a 1/8" input jack, you can probably use it to do what you want. If all you find is some strange, funky connector, you won't be able to do it unless your dealer offers some external connections box with a set of RCA leads.

It's odd you're having such trouble with the FM transmitter. What kind is it?


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