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laptop to tv

i have connected my toshiba laptop to the tv but i am unable to watch a movie.other than the movie i can see everything on m tv

Matt Whitlock
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Hi krupa, welcome to TechLore

Hi krupa, welcome to TechLore.

I bump into this all the time. The easy fix is to switch your primary and secondary monitors in the display properties, and the movie will appear on your TV screen instead of the laptop screen. How you do that depends on the type of graphics hardware and drivers in your particular notebook. You'll want to click on Control Panel --> Display --> Settings --> Advanced. You'll need to browse around the different options until you find which will do the trick.

There's also some discussion about this here:

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i just got a laptop it has a

i just got a laptop it has a tv out.i have connected this to the tv, but i get no picture or sound on the tv. nothing comes on tv.i have tried the set up that was mentioned on the site you recommended.when i select advance there is no option for tv selection.but on the disply properties it shows 2 screen options. 1 is highlighted and 1 faded out. what can i do to watch movies from laptop to tv? please help. graphic card is sis m760gx.dont know anything else.please can anyone help


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