Cleaning TV Screens

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Cleaning TV Screens

I read the section on cleaning TV screens, but I was wondering if I can use products like "Monster ScreenClean" or "Phillips Screen Cleaning Gel"? Your answers will be very much appreciated. Thank You. Sandpusher.

Matt Whitlock
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More often than not I find

More often than not I find that electronic components never get dirty enough to warrant needing a specialized cleaner, and typically a soft, dry or slightly damp, cloth will be enough to get most screens clean. There are, however, those off occasions where you need a cleaning agent more powerful to get the screen clean.

I couldn't find enough information on the Philips product to give it a thumbs up. I tend not to trust the product descriptions of shopping sites.

The Monster product looks safe to use on most kinds of TV sets. However, I would be hesitant to use it on any rear-projection TV without a screen shield or any LCD flat panel display without double checking with Monster or a service center.

If you would like other alternatives, you could check into a product called Screen Kleen, which is safe for virtually any screen surface (including RPTVs without a screen shield). This is a product that is most often recommended by service centers and industry professionals.

For LCD flat panels, I've personally been using iKlear cleaning wipes and polishing cloth by Klear Screen combo for over a year, and I would never dream of using anything else.


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