Sony RP TV CRT replacement

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Sony RP TV CRT replacement


I have a Sony projection TV (model #KP57Ws500) and it needs picture tube replacement (Red CRT) according to a Sony certified technician. The total repair will cost me around $460 (part & labor). If I get the part, can I easily replace the CRT myself or does it require a technician to do that?

If you have any information on how to replace the CRT, could you kindly forward it to me for my reference? I would greatly appreciate your prompt response. Thanks.

Matt Whitlock
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Sorry to hear about the

Sorry to hear about the problem you're having with your set. I wouldn't recommend anyone but a qualified technician attempt a CRT replacement. Trust me, it's nothing like changing a light bulb. You better let this one pass. On the bright side, a tech will normally warrant the part for 90 days to 1 year, and warrant the labor for 90 days.

I know it's an expensive repair, but given the model TV you own, I'd say it's worth the investment.


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