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jvc compact system

The other day while cleaning an aquarium, I believe I inadvertently sprayed the back of my garage stereo! It is a JVC MX-GB5. The next time I desired music out there the display came on as usual and then it displayed the word "Protect" and shut down! I have tried removing the case and applying a hair dryer and blowing with air but actually found no moisture. Still does same thing. while case was removed I found 6 fuses but all were good. Any suggestions? Of course the 1 year warranty is expired-Not that it would have helped anyway. HELP!!

I am having the same problem

I am having the same problem with my stereo system. It is a JVC CA-HXC6. I have only had it for 8 months, and one day I tried to turn in on, and it came on just like normal, and then "Protect" flashed on the display, and it shut down!!!

If anyone can help us please write something!!


I have a  jvc CA-HXC6 and

I have a  jvc CA-HXC6 and having the same problem with the system which is  comes on and the protect shows up and shut off  so if u have any solutions write back thanks!

Protect mode indicates that

Protect mode indicates that there is a problem with the output stage of the amplifier.  In most cases, the problem is that the output transistor pair has shorted ir that the output amplifier pac is defective.  This is a straightforward repair for anyone who does audio repair work.Unless the amp pac is real expensive, this repair should not cost more than $75-$100


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