DVD/CD Changer won't spin the carosel

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DVD/CD Changer won't spin the carosel

I have an Onkyo DVD-CP500 5-Disc DVD changer that I have been having problems with for a while. I turn on the changer and open the carosel; when it is working properly the carosel spins around immediately. About two thirds of the time that happens, but often it doesn't (as if the motor inside is stuck). If I manually turn it about 3/4 of a turn, the carosel works fine again. Sometimes it stops turning the carosel while it is in. If I wait about 15 min it will usually start working, but when I open the case I often find that the discs are misaligned inside and I'm forced to turn it manually again.
Is there anything I can do to fix it without taking it to the nearest authorized repair site which is 300 miles away?


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