Can't get cable channels

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Can't get cable channels

We have a Sharp model 19L-M1DDBS and are not able to get some cable channels. For channels above 47 we get a solid blue screen but if we moves the cable connection in the back of the TV the channel comes in. We tried a new cable, still have the problem. Seems the connection inside the TV is loose ?? I'm wondering if this is worth fixing or just buy a new TV ?
Also, the remote goes from 2 to INPUT to 2 when pressing the channel button, instead of going through all the channels. Can you tell me how to resolve the remote problem ?

Matt Whitlock
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If the coax jack is

If the coax jack is intermittent, it may need to be resoldered to the board.

It's going from 2 to the inputs because the channel memory has been cleared. In other words, the last time the channel scan was ran, it didn't find any channels. Hold the cable so the picture comes in while you run the channel scan.

If the TV has a line-level input (RCA jacks) you could always use an external cable tuner like a cable box or VCR rather than getting the TVs RF input fixed. You'll instead put the TV on an input and change channels with the external device.

Good luck.


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