Static Basic Channels???

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Static Basic Channels???

About a week ago my RCA F31317 tv started doing somthing crazy channels 2-6 and some of the teens just went static. At first i thought it was just a cable issue, but then I checked the other four tvs in the house and they were receiving the channels fine. There are no other components connected to the tv. Just a basic cable service, yet the cable box is in another room. I tried plugging different t.v.s into the cable line and they still receive the channels so I am positive it has to be my t.v. Does anybody have any ideas????

Matt Whitlock
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Worst case is that the tuner

Worst case is that the tuner has failed. But first, hard reset the TV by unplugging it for four hours. If that doesn't fix it, you'll need to use something else, like a VCR, as a tuner or have the TV repaired.

Good luck.


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