DVD player plays some selections not others on specific DVD

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DVD player plays some selections not others on specific DVD

It is probably USER ERROR - but---- I have an inexpensive DVD player ( Protron 2.1 progressive scan I think.)

I just bought a DVD. On the menu there are many selctions. It plays some and not the others.

I tried same DVD on my old MAC and it plays fine. What am I doing wrong?


Ron Repking (not verified)
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You're probably not doing

You're probably not doing anything wrong. Your DVD player is probably just having difficulty reading your DVD. I've had several 'cheap' DVD players that read some discs fine and others not at all. There's usually something mechanically wrong with it. If it's new, return it. If not, might be time to buy a newer model.

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it is almost new - but me

it is almost new - but me being a big dummy threw away the box - it is from Sears - so maybe they will honor it anyway - just 3 months old.. Thanks!

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   WHY , read some & not

   WHY , read some & not others? dont make sence. there has to be some explaination. I have a panasonic 5 disc home theater. When i bought it , it was top of the line. In the winter we watch it every weekend only. in the summer we dont watch at all. I let the cleaner run for quite some time with no change

                   thanks Bob

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If some tracks read ok and

If some tracks read ok and others not, there are often simple explanations.  Can you provide some additional details?  For example, what tracks play correctly?  Sometimes something as  simple as a weak motor can cause this.

As far as reading some disks and not others, the optics assembly consists of both laser generator and receiver diodes.  Either of these can be weakened which would make the DVD player sensitive to the color and condition of the disks.  Also, any dust that has collected on the lens assembly could contribute to this type of symptom.



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