DEH-P4500MP problems

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DEH-P4500MP problems

I have installed a Pioneer DEH-P4500MP cd player/stereo in my vehicle. It will not play CDs. The error that keeps coming up is "frm tread error -11". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well unless your disc is

Well unless your disc is scratched, an error code of 11 means that the laser cannot properly focus on the disc. Do you know if this unit was ever dropped? The impact could jolt the optics enough to throw them out of alignment causing your problem. Or, it could just be dirty.

I dont know how confident you are with opening your headunit, but the beast way to clean your lens is with alchohol and a cotton swab, using LIGHT pressure, once the case has been removed. Or you can try one of the cleaning kits they sell.

If cleaning it doesn't work, then you best bet is to find some spare parts from a simlar model, or pay to have it reparied.

Good luck and I hope it's just dirty.


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