Zenith LCD T.V. Problem

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Zenith LCD T.V. Problem

I recently noticed a small yellow dot ( about the size of a penny)on the right/middle of my Zenith 52" LCD Model # D52WLCD T.V. It isn't noticeable when the screen is colored only when the screen is white you can see a faint yellow spot. I was wondering if anybody has experienced this and if so what the problem was and what I am possibly looking at for repairs

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I have the same problem, yet

I have the same problem, yet the yellow spot has gotten bigger. My LCD TV is only a year old. Don't know what the cause is . keep me posted if you find the problem. Thanks!

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Your problem sounds like a

Your problem sounds like a defective pixels in the screen, a bad connection between the screen and the driver IC's or the driver IC's are bad them selfs.  With a LCD set, theres really not a whole lot a consumer can do to troubleshoot and repair there own sets because of the equipment you need.  You also need the service manual so the screen matrix can be charted out and then check the respected scan and address lines.  These are digital signals and need to be checked with a good ociliscope.  Sorry I can not be more assistance to you.  Your going to have to call out a trained tech for LCD TV's or call the factory service dept and see what they recomend.  Good Luck

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i think your problem is in

i think your problem is in the blue filter


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