MP3 to PSP trouble

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Xantex Hunter
MP3 to PSP trouble

I try to put MP3's into my psp, but it says this error "cannot copy...cannot find specified file. make sure you specify the correct path and file name."

I tried converting the mp3s into atrac3, changing the bitrate and a bunch of other things.
(the psp is identified as a F:/Removable Disk?)
An example song i want to transfer is 5,690kb and the bitrate is 192. Help

Ron Repking (not verified)
Yes, your PSP should be

Yes, your PSP should be identified as 'Removable Disk'. Make sure you have the right 'Removable Disk' as there may be others.

Can you save anything on your memory stick? e.g. saved game data? Maybe your stick is corrupted.

Xantex Hunter
No. I took my saved game data

No. I took my saved game data from my psp and put it into my computer, but when i tried to put it back, it said the same thing

I had the same problem when

I had the same problem when trying to update the firmware for my psp. My computer was saying "cannot copy..cannot find specified file" and wouldnt transfer the file over to the psp. I tried it on another computer and it worked fine . Not sure why the other computer did it and my didnt but both were XP.


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