wierd rca player problem

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wierd rca player problem

I have a Rca lyra RD1028A i first had a problem where i had all my music working and I just added new songs and while i was out skateboarding my Rca lyra froze up and wouldn't change at all so i popped out the battery and put it back in, when it came up it just froze right as it start up, after about 2 weeks of looking up, i formated it and it worked again, i put all my music on and everything, about 2 weeks later, it did the same thing only this time when i formatted it, after i put music back on or even right after the format it says RCA then goes to a screen and says please wait, and does that over and over, and nothing else i would like to know how to fix it if you can help at all it would be greatly apreciated thank you..



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