vintage turntable repair help

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vintage turntable repair help

Does anyone have knowledge on how to repair a 1960 era magnavox hifi turntable? When I turn it on it does not rotate and shuts itself off. Were these belt driven. I am also in need of a repair manuel. If you can help please email me directly and I will explain the problem in more detail and what steps I have already taken to fix it.

 I have a Pioneer PLL-1000

 I have a Pioneer PLL-1000 turntable and the tonearm will not move down when I try to adjust  the weights to set the linear tracking to specs. I am going crazy trying to figure it out NEED SOME HELP!


Have removed the turntable? 

Have removed the turntable?  Does the motor shaft turn?

Are there any hum or buzz sounds?

J. C.

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how can I Fix My Technics

how can I Fix My Technics 1200 from Spinning Out Of Control?

I NEED HELP On Fixing a

I NEED HELP On Fixing a Technics Turntable

If it has "servo control" it

If it has "servo control" it can be tricky.
I assume the belt is in good condition.
If there are two separate controls for 45 and 33 rpm , then remember
one control will, to some degree, affect the other. It is a balancing act.
The tiny control pots are inside and should be sprayed with lube-cleaner.
They may be dried out. The bottome wil have to be opened to get to them.
These servo controlled speed models were prone to that problem. They
may have to be very slowly turned & re adjusted frequently.
Let me know, also, does it have a built-in strobe light?


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