magnavox philps projection tv 61inch 9p6034c

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magnavox philps projection tv 61inch 9p6034c

I have a six year old tv 61 inch and its acting
weird.When you turn it on it shrinks to middle
of screen and flashes bright black .white then
jumps goes in and out the picture size then after
10minutes it goes back to large picture normal
is this the tube going bad or what...I do not
know anything about tvs and my husbands disabled
any help would be great .........we bought it
for $2000.six years ago it worth getting
fixed and for that matter how much are we talking
thank you for any help Donna

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Hi There,From what I have

Hi There,

From what I have learned, a 6 year old projection TV is not worth fixing, the cost would be not worth it, put the money toward another TV...

If you can afford it, and you can trust a repairman, at least get an estimate, it could be a easy fix, but will still cost just for the service call!!!


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thank you i called roths tv

thank you i called roths tv repair in melbourne
fl and they charge $90.00 just to look at it
they work for rex tv????????And thats my other
concern is if they are honest or not?two of the
tubes look like theres lines running thru them
per my husband we looked at back of it today
now its not going to a full screen at all....
and what i found out to i called magnavox and
once the one year warranty is out they wont
even talk to you" your not there customer
any more.she wanted my credit card to have someone talk to me about my tv /they want to
charge you/ what a joke"""""""""I wont buy there
brand again thats for sure........donna


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