Cleaning the XBOX

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Cleaning the XBOX

I have a slight problem. My system has gotten

more and more clouded so that the system says it

can't recognize the disc I put in it. I got a disc

to clean it out but now it's so bad that it won't

even recognize the cleaner disc. I've heard that

XBOXes are difficult to clean and to clean it

completely and correctly, you'd have to send it

back to the company to take it apart and clean it

thoroughly, for a fee. Is that right?

Matt Whitlock
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I'm not really sure if I'm

I'm not really sure if I'm following what you mean by the term "clouded". That's not tupically a term used to describe something like a dirty laser lens.

Based on your description, I would say it's more likely that the DVD drive in the XBOX is failing, or has failed completely. If that's the case, sending the unit to a Microsoft Repair Center or replacing the XBOX entirely are probably your best options.

To contact XBOX support, call 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

Good luck.

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  Thank you. Sorry a little "cloudy" on the description. What I menat by that was maybe getting dust or possibly animal hair sucked into it. In places that I can't go, manually, and clean. That's why I heard about it being taken apart for a professional cleaning. Thank you for the help.


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