need help with tv

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need help with tv

I have a philips 55p8341 big screen tv. Ive had it for about 2 years and then it quit working. If u plug it in and push power it kinda squeels but in a beeping order. I was gonna call someone but it cost a little bit just to get them out to look. So before i do anything i figured id give u guys a holler and see if its worth calling them. Or if a easy fix if i can do it myself? well thanks for any kind of answer u can give me.

Matt Whitlock
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According to various sources,

According to various sources, a squealing noise is indicative of the high-voltage section or main power supply, though there are at least a hundred parts in a big screen that are capable of making noise. I'm told this is not something you'll want to try and tackle by yourself. You really should call a service center.

Given the make and age of the TV, I would say that it is worth fixing. You can contact Philips support at 1-888-744-5477, or contact your dealer.

Good luck, and keep us posted on how it goes.


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