JVC Pro-Cision VCR - Setting time to begin recording

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Johnny Mc
JVC Pro-Cision VCR - Setting time to begin recording

I have a JVC Pro-Cision VCR 19-micron head Plug-and-Play SQBP Hi-Fi VHS HR VP59U VCR Plus+ DA 4-head HQ, and I can't figure out how to set it to begin recording at some time in the future.

The remote control says MBR at the top, and at the bottom it says JVC multi brand remote control unit LP20878- 009.

On the remote control, I've tried pressing the Timer button, which has a number 4 beside it. When I do that, a flashing icon of a clock appears on the set-top box, but all I get on my TV screen is static whether I tune it to channel 3 or some other channel. I've also tried pressing the Menu button, but I can't figure out any way of making that work for me. In the Express Programming area, I haven't been able to get any of those buttons to accomplish what I want.

I know this is old equipment, but does anybody have any suggestions about how to set the VCR to begin recording at sometime in the future - and maybe set the length of time to record?

I would appreciate any suggestions that anyone could give me.


Johnny Mc.

edward meawasige
i have this model of vcr for

i have this model of vcr for a long time now, but my owners manual has been misplaced. i need the three digit code to be able to operate from other remote can you send me this code via e-mail?

tech man
okay, i also agree this is

okay, i also agree this is old equipment, but i garente this is your solution...
first insert an EMTY TAPE in the instert jack.
then if you have cable or itenas, flick to the channel you want to record,
next, on the remote click record.
and who gives a shit about the time:)


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