JVC miniDV GR-D30U "condensation, operation paused"

I have a JVC miniDV GR-D30U My veiw screen shows "please wait condensation, operation paused" Sometimes if I connect cam. to ac outlet and put the selector switch in play, after an hour or so it will operate ok. I can't get it to function at all with battery pack. The manual says to leave cam alone for an hour until condensation is gone. I've had this problem for months, any solutions?

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Same here...anyone have any

Same here...anyone have any solution. I put my GR-D30U on the shelf after only a few uses because of this error.

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I'm having this same problem

I'm having this same problem and have tried several suggestions posted on several sites with no luck. It's really frusterating considering this camera's had very little use. Any suggestions to rectify this situation would be greatly appreciated

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I have a gr-d90us giving a

I have a gr-d90us giving a condensation operation paused. Any suggestions?



Larry Dillon
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These JVC camcorders are

These JVC camcorders are really a pain sometimes!  I have seen this problem a dozen times at least.  The problem most of the time is a really tiny sensor on the mechanism, called of course, a DEW sensor, that goes bad and there is also a small coupling capacitor that goes bad.  I have found once, that the DEW sensor connection plug, that connects to the printed circuit board was loose.  These camcoders require a speacial cable extention kit that you use to service this unit with and if you do not have a manual, I would Highly advice on attempting to open this camera.  These links im leaving with you all are reliable camcorder repair centers that I know peeps have used as there are alot more but I only know of these from people I have chatted with. Good Luck and please let us know here what any of you people have done or did to fix your camcorders.

http://www.videoonerepair.com/  Or  http://www.videotech.com/

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JVC and its tech fault which

JVC and its tech fault which I think is a design fault can go to buggery I highly recommend don't buy JVC $1500.00 camera useless after 13months irregular use. just have a look at the amount of users with the same problem.....and JVC can't or won't help

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JVC and its tech fault which

JVC and its tech fault which I think is a design fault can go to buggery I highly recommend don't buy JVC $1500.00 camera useless after 13months irregular use. just have a look at the amount of users with the same problem.....and JVC can't or won't help

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My Camera is playing up as

My Camera is playing up as well...I have only had it for about 2 weeks! I tried leaving it out in the warm to "De"Condensate but nothing works! Apparently you've got to blow dry or vacum the camera and theres some sort of DEW sensor! And by the way the PLEASE WAIT bit doesn't mean Anything!!!

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Same camera... same problem.

Same camera... same problem. My JVC worked well for about 15 months. I only recorded about 9 hours of video in that time. I tried using a hair dryer on low heat to "remove the moisture" but that was a waste of time. I'm DONE WITH JVC and will never give them another red cent for any of their products. Here is my tip to you... DON'T BUY JVC EVER AGAIN! They don't back their products.

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Wanted to share this as I

Wanted to share this as I found this on another site and it worked for me. I've been having the same problem/error 'please wait, condensation operation paused' too. I was getting rather upset as we had footage I needed to retrieve of my little one taking his first steps! I thought we had lost it for good, or would have to spend a small fortune getting our jvc video recorder repaired just to retrieve the footage. So a big thankyou to 'Indiana Jones' - the tech who posted this brilliant solution...

"i'm a tech and i'll tell you the secret. the moisture sensor is a little black square on the side of the drive motor. if you look directly where the tape goes in, the drive motor is in the far back left. it's partially hidden behind a silver pin hanging down from the black plastic cover that goes over the video head. take a long q-tip and dip it in glass cleaner(windex etc) and gently wipe it off. you should see a small amount of black guck on the q-tip. then remove power for about one minute and allow to dry. it's better to use air to dry it out."

I cleaned my vid rec as directed and then placed my hairdryer on low heat and low air setting and dryed the 'insides' for about 15 minutes. BAM!!! Our jvc vid rec works just like new! And better recording/footage quality too!
Hope this helps you all xxx

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Tenho tamb?m uma JVC GR-D70,

Tenho tamb?m uma JVC GR-D70, com o mesmo problema "please wait,condensation operation paused". N?o consegui encontrar o quadrado preto junto do motor, mas fiz toda a limpeza indicada pelo Larry Dillon. In?meras foram as tentativas, mas o problema persistiu. Esse problema dura mais de ano sem solu??o.
A solu??o que encontrei foi colocar a m?quina sob a roda do carro e passar por cima dela v?rias vezes at? me certificar que tinha acabado com o problema.
Aconselho a todos: NUNCA COMPREM UMA JVC. ? dinheiro jogado fora. N?o tem assist?ncia t?cnica e nem suporte para resolver seus problemas.

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Hi there,
Hi there, I have a jvc GR-SXM49E compact camcorder, it was worked fine and I didn’t use it for long time , but now I try to check it , when power is on red power button is working , apart from that I couldn’t see anything. No display on lcd or view finder , I’ve load a cassette then check it nothing work, and even switch on the light is not working. I was kept it nicely in a camera carrier bag. My question is it completely gone or what could be the problems? I waiting for the solution for this, if anyone can pls advise me. thanks.

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