Frustrated with Sony MP3 Walkman Help!

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Frustrated with Sony MP3 Walkman Help!

We bought our son a Sony Network Walkman NW-E505 digital 512MB Music Player,it came with Connect store and SonicStage 3.1 CD.However after installing the programs which did work it caused problems with my computer and affected my hard drive.Had a larger hard drive installed and was leary about reinstalling the CD from Sony after finding out that it has a Major ROOTKIT on it and that it was probably alot of computer problems.I
Couldn't find anything compatible with this digital music MP3.Tried Windows Media,Winamp,and then after reading somethings on this site tried RealPlayer10 no luck.Can anyone please help me to find somewhere to use this damn player?I even went to the extreme to download SonicStage 3.3 off of and it wouldn't install for some reason. Some I get an error 00005607 Cannot FindMG Secure Module.HELP I'M AT MY WITS END!I have been at this for over 2 weeks now and beginning to think there's no solution.SONY SUKS!I will never buy another Sony Product as long as I live.

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Got a Sony D-NE005 MP3

Got a Sony D-NE005 MP3 Walkman for my birthday. (Had some bought radio programs but nothing to play them on). Not much in the way of instructions or troubleshooting came with the unit. I have actually listened to a few programs on it. Many times I go to listen to something, I get a "no disc" message in the display window when for sure there is a disc in the unit. Can't seem to get around it. Any ideas?


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