RCA LYRA 2762 pretty big problem

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RCA LYRA 2762 pretty big problem

Well when I try to start the RCA player it powers on and says system files are corrupted. I would love to update the firmware but once it gives that error message it will not connect to the computer. Instead it decides to restart and shut down on its own, and continuously displays the same error message. The only other screen i can get is the charging screen when it is plugged in. Is there any other way to reset this system without using computers that will not recognize it??

Matt Whitlock
I've seen many posts related

I've seen many posts related to this problem in the TechLore forums. The general concensus is that this problem is much more common than it should be, and there has so far been no good explanation as to the cause. Worst of all, it seems that this problem can only be fixed by RCA.

Please keep us aprised as you get this problem resolved. Many people would like to be in the know...

My RCA player also shows that

My RCA player also shows that system files are corrupted, and I can not access any of the menus on the player. Also, when I plug it into my computer it says system files corrupted, but if I hold down the clicker it will connect and then transfer, but then it will keep trying to transfer and I am never able to use it on my computer. This is very irritating, considering I already downloaded songs onto it and played them and shut it off for the night and then this happens. Is there any way to fix this problem


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