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vizio tv help

i just bought a vizio hdtv and it has no place in the back for an antenna jack. the problem is i just moved into my house a year ago, the house is very huge and in the basement there is a central area for the cable. the cable is distributed with like 20 wires that run thru the house so that in any given room u just take the wire which is in the form of an antenna jack and u stick it into the back of any tv and u get cable. i dont know how this is or anything about it since i just moved in i just know that, that is how it is. so there is no way for me to connect my cable to my new vizio hdtv. so i bought an hdtv tuner off the website thinking i cud connect my cable which is in the form of an antenna into the tuner and then connect with other input wires into the hdtv. well when asked to find channels the tuner cant find anything and says i dont have any connection. ive tried with various cable wires thruought the house. they dont work! supposedly the input on the tuner is "dtv air" i dont know what that is or what to do with my cable that is in the form of an antenna jack. this sucks immensely, the tv was a lot of money the tuner itself was 300 bucks and i need to know what to do in time if i may have to return the tuner so i can get my money. i bought the tv at costco, neither costco nor radioshack had any answers for me. my cable company is charter.

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Ok, let's see if we can help

Ok, let's see if we can help you:

1. If you have analog cable service from Charter, then you cannot use a terristrial broadcast HDTV tuner to receive programming. Return the HDTV tuner you purchased.

2. If your Vizio HDTV does not have a TV or cable jack, don't worry... that's normal for flat panel HDTV monitors. If you would like to get analog cable programming on your TV, then all you need to do is connect a device equipped with an analog cable tuner (like a cable box, VCR, TiVo, or ReplayTV) to the TV.

3. If you wanted to recieve digital or HDTV programming from Charter, you need to verify that they have HD service available in your area. If so, you need to get a high-definition cable box from Charter, your cable provider. These cannot be purchased in stores at this time.

Good luck. Keep us up to date on your progress.

I'am a tech ===I need

I'am a tech ===I need inturnal parts for Vizio===where do you get them


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