Magnavox 36

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Magnavox 36

Model # TS3562-C101 serial # 53006827 chasis #
35R502-00AA. well my tv started to make horizontal white lines and also the picture would go into a blury white picture. it would do this in and out every once and a while. one day i go to turn it on and it wont turn on. it seems like it want to turn on but it wont. would it be something easy to fix or should i trash it and get a new one? any help would be great. thanks.

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verry common problemThere is

verry common problem

There is a capacitor that gets too hot by the horizontal drive transistor replace it preferably with a high temp cap to reduce the chance of this happening again ( you may be able to find the one im talking about by looking for the dark spot on the board around the transistor if i remember correctly it is located to the top left of the HV transformer)


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