Sharp LCD 45GX6U Image Problem

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Sharp LCD 45GX6U Image Problem

My 45" Sharp LCD TV (just out of warranty) has developed large, blotchy darker areas in the picture that are irregularly shaped and appear permanent. They are definately not dirt or dust on the screen surface. They are particularly visible in scenes with a light background. I found one other post in another forum indicating the same issue with a Sharp Aquos LCD, but no resolution. Has anyone else encountered or heard of this issue with a Sharp LCD? Any ideas or help?

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I have a Westinghouse 27" lcd

I have a Westinghouse 27" lcd display tv. I am having similar symptoms. My tv also just out of warranty. My Tv has 2 thick gray/blk lines down the center and also a fine thin red line on the left side. I have no idea what it is.


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