Laptop To TV Problem

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Laptop To TV Problem

I have a Dell Latitude with an SVideo port and an SVideo to RCA adaptor to the TV. Everything is set up correctly as far as the hardware is concerned - the cable and adaptor work - and the TV is set up to the same setting as our DVD player, but no matter what, we never get what is on the monitor to show up on the TV. We followed the instrustions on the article here entitled "How to connect a computer to your TV set," but still nothing. When I start up the computer, the monitor image shows up for about 5 seconds, then cuts off. When I go into my display settings, it only shows one monitor, not two, and I have tried using the "FN-F8" key combination, but only get a white line flashing across both screens once for about half a second.

I have another Dell and it does the exact same thing, so I am not sure if it is the ATI Cards or something I am missing - any help?

Matt Whitlock
joshie, what model Latitude

joshie, what model Latitude do you have, and what ATI graphics board is it using?


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