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I bought my son his first MP3 player for Christmas and we still can't figure it out. It was purchased through E-bay which I'm wondering if it might have been a mistake. It came with very hard to understand instructions, and one little cd to download, i'm assuming.
We have tried several things to download his CD music into our computer and then get it to the MP3 player. First we found that we needed download a ripper, then and encoder and then a decoder and so on. We DO NOT have a clue if we really needed to do that but like I said we don't know where to go for answers or where to start. H E L P US PLEASE!!!!

We would like to have simple

We would like to have simple instructions from start to finish from a CD to the MP3 player. If we need to download other stuff to help us get it from one place to the next. I read the HOW TO TRANSFER MUSIC ONTO A PORTABLE MP3 PLAYER but that was still not simple enough and didn't cover whether we needed any other programs for this situation.

Matt Whitlock
GSA, Welcome to the community


Welcome to the community. Your question is good, but it's important to remember that getting music onto a player is not always simple... it really does depend on the player and your computer.

Can you tell us what it was that you bought? Make and model number please.

The community will also need to know what OS your computer is running. Windows XP, 2000, 98, Mac, Linux, etc.?

The MP3 player my son

The MP3 player my son received has a Digital FM tuner Built in, supports MP3 and WMA formts with song title display (ID3), built-in 256MB Samsung Flash Memory Chip, uses a USB drive to store photos, documents or music; New phone book function to store phone numbers, necklace stereo earphones,supports 9 folders and 99 playable files in each folder; supports 16 languages.
This particular MP3 player is built by Original Equipment Manufacturers and they passed ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification and certified with CE and FCC standard. That is all I know. I don't know where to find the Make and model numbers. My computer is running Windows XP.

Matt Whitlock
Great. Did the player come

Great. Did the player come with any software on a CD, or was it only the player?

What happens when you plug the player directly into one of the USB ports on the computer (try both the front and rear of the computer)? If you click the "My Computer" icon, is there a new drive letter that says something like "Removable Disk"?

Windows Media Player,

Windows Media Player, standard with most windows installations, will rip CD, transfer theformat to MP3 and synchronise to load them to your MP3 player.

Matt Whitlock
Davids said: Windows Media

Davids said: Windows Media Player, standard with most windows installations, will rip CD, transfer theformat to MP3 and synchronise to load them to your MP3 player.



Well... that's not always the case, but is often true. That method won't work for many off-brand, generic MP3/4 players, and even with some other popular players like the Rio Karma, iPods, etc. However, there is some merit to what you say. Windows Media Player is all you need for a vast number of popular players, like those from Creative, Samsung, Philips, etc. 


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