Audiovox SMP3-330 128S

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Audiovox SMP3-330 128S

I have an Audiovox SMP3-330 128S an I just used it 3 times since that I boug it. The last time I transfered the mp3 files to device, when I disconectet it from USB it stops working. When I turn it on, the display shows "128M MP3 PLAYER" and don't starts (boot). It happens in such a way with the batteries as with the source usb and the "hold" button is unlocked.

I believe that I must format the device and install firmware again, but it is not recognized by the windows XP as a USB device. I´ve tried to install de driver again using windows 98 to, but it does'n work.

I'd lke to know how to proceed to the device comes back to function.

A picture and device specifications can be found in

and more information in


Hello and TIA, I can't seem

Hello and TIA, I can't seem to find or install a driver, does anybody know how to get one?


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