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Hi I have a Magnavox 19" TV model#TL7119 C227. Channels can go up to 125 frm what i see. But the only channels that are programmed that work are 2 thru 15 and 36 and a couple other higher up channels. Does anyone know how to program the other or all the other channels in? I called a repair place here in Seattle. The repair guy said that he thinks it was a hotel TV and that i have to bring it in to him and that he has to do it with a special tool. and a charge of $35 dollars. Sheesh i only paid 25 dollars from a garage sale. I do have the correct channel changer but there isnt a menu area to add channels. I dont even find any programming area to adjust color contrast audio or anything! It does have a female plug in the back that looks like a telephone jack and is labeled "smart plug" I would really appreciate it if some one could help me. Thank u very much! ~Bob~

Matt Whitlock
On the Magnavox support site,

On the Magnavox support site, the TL7119 is listed as a "professional" TV. Unfortunately, the manual, or any other information was unavailable.

The fact that the TV has a phone jack on it supports the repair guy's guess that it is a TV designed for use in hotel enviornments. This means that virtually everything is going to be locked out from user adjustment.

Ask the repair guy if this reprogramming is a one-time thing, or if you'll have to spend $35 every time you need something done. If the latter is true, don't bother. Finding a way to unlock the video controls would be useful though...

Since the TV can tune to channel 3, it may be easier to connect an external TV tuner like a cable box or VCR. This way, you just change channel on the other device, and the TV is just used as a monitor. If the TV has a selectable external input (yellow/red/white plugs), you could use that instead. Either way should work.


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