Advent 27' flatscreen/picture issue

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Advent 27' flatscreen/picture issue

My Advent tv picture has gone to awidescreen picture, black bar on top and bottom, and has stretched the picture cutting off the sides of the picture... connection to dvd and Playstation also now playing in black and white and an even smaller widescreen. What has gone wrong, any ideas? It is just over the year warranty and I would hate to have to throw away an almost brandnew tv?!?!Thanks

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I am experiencing the same

I am experiencing the same problem. I believe we are experiencing what some call a "Short Vertical Sweep"...

Short Vertical

Vertical circuit

It seems as though there is a knob somewhere inside that we may adjust.

I paid $150.00 for this TV set and I am unwilling to pay the same amount to have it serviced.


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