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dosent work

i was trying to put in a song into my mp3 player and i accidentaly unpluged the usb cable while it was doing it. what happened to my mp3.

Hi kr3w,

Hi kr3w,

It might well have corrupted the firmware. Some Flash based players are prone to this.

The problem sometimes is that the firmware gets corrupted in such a way that the player will no longer communicate with a computer.

If your player is an s1mp3 based player then there is a guide which explains how to attempt a recovery of the player.

1. Return the player to the seller for replacement ...

or - if this is no longer possible and it is s1mp3 based ...

2. Try the Dead Recovery Guide at ->

Hope this helps.

can any body help me i have a

can any body help me i have a mp4 player that when i turn it on then press the play button it flashes a pumpkin yes a pumpkin new to me i can plug it into the computer and play and look at the files that are on the mp4 and download etc. help!


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