Media Player 10 - Bitrate Conversion

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Media Player 10 - Bitrate Conversion

I've been struggling with an issue which at firs glance must be something I'm doing wrong. I've ripped a few CDs onto my PC to try out Media Player synchronisation.

My thoughts were that I'd keep the 'raw' material as lossless WMA and wanted to see if Media Player would convert to 'lossy' WMA when synchronising with my Creative MuVo TX FM.

I set the options for synchronizing such that I chose the bitrate manually although the result was the same when I let Media Player choose.

Whenever I asked it to manually sync a bunch of files stored as lossless WMA it created a 6 or 7Kb WMA files on the MuVo which would not play and in any case were clearly too small.

I tried everything - patched the MuVo up to the latest, ensured Media Player up to date, ensured Media Player cache was empty, ready all the threads but nothing.

The files being converted were not copy protected.

In frustration I tried syncing an album which I'd captured as WAV files by ripping a DVD. This converted brilliantly.

However, I don't really have the disk space to keep all albums as WAV files and in any case this ought to be something Media Player can achieve with ease. Can anyone offer any advice ?

I've noticed that another contributor [gk123] to the forum has experienced a similar problem with bitrate conversion so perhaps it is a bug ?


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