Dell W2600 Requires Frequent Reset

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Dell W2600 Requires Frequent Reset

Out of warranty only 26 days. Has frequently required unplugging since late Oct. Now only connected to antenna to reduce variables. If left unplugged for a couple days, it will power up and play for hours, then when powered down, will not turn on again unless left unplugged for several days. Dell's answer was to buy a new TV. Plan to bad-mouth them all over the internet. Please advise.

hey wow im having the same

hey wow im having the same problem its been 4 months since warraty, and they told me the same thing, amazing!!!!!!

Larry Dillon
Hang tight both of you all

Hang tight both of you all please.   Im sending Mr Dell a personal message, as to federal LAW, a manufacturer is suppose to have parts and as well service available for up to three years a reasonable service abail;able to its customer.  this just does not seem like the right thing for a manufacturer to do!


here check this out, i called

here check this out, i called dell and told them about the problem i was having with my lcdw2600, i have called on many occasions, well i told the rep about all of the forums i visited and told about how there is a-lot of people that are expericing the same problem as us, dell agreed to send me a new tv and sen the ols one back, it was a simple 45 minutes on the phone and the problem was solved, i also let them know about how most of the people that had the same problem were out of warraty and still recived an replacment. good luck i hope you can do the same, a little advice,in your search engine type in problems with dell products, you will be amzed

Larry Dillon
I think Dell is getting a

I think Dell is getting a little nervious? I spoke to a top rep today about this problem. They denied ever telling anyone that your on your own with parts as well as repairs. Insited on wanting to know what site all this was going on with. I declined to say, as this is now a personal matter, as I have heard the same thing over and over again and Dell is, or was breaking the law. He reasured me that if parts are not available, Dell customers will for sure get the best customer service available. So in the future all you need to do is state that the set is less then 2 to 5 years old and you should get some sort of responce that will assit most. Now Im not saying you will in every instance recive a new set for free, but you should recive customer support. we need to write our congress person to see if we can make sure that on products sold in the US that service or parts is available for a decent amout of time.

Kent Liew

My name is Kent and i'm new here. Actually i'm owner of My members have this same problem too! So i need to find out the service manual to help my members to solve this problem, but the information on this lcd tv are not enough. This Dell w2600 lcd tv are not made by Dell but another manufacturer, i suspect it's make by BENQ or LiteOn. But i need more information on this model lcd tv to find out the exact manufacturer and their service manual.

If from my experience for this problem ( display used some time then shut off or not display), may be this will be the power supply or inverter section problem. Please check their dry joint or crack joint on these section. If not more dry joint then you can try to use the Freezer(Coolant) to find out which component are affected this problem. Hope this can help you all. Thanks.


Larry Dillon
it is a label type tV so I

it is a label type tV so I seriously doubt if you are able to get a service manual on this TV set as there probably is not one available on his set.

Kent Liew

I just want to let you all know, who have the problems on Dell W2600 lcd tv. Below is some of the repair tips for this dell W2600 LCD Tv:

1) After the lcd tv warm-up, then the tv can't startup:
-Please replace the capacitor 10uf/50v on a small pcb board mounted to power supply next to the mainboard power connector.

2) The Dell W2600 LCD TV can't startup, even you press to "On":
- Try to resolder dry joints on Power Supply pcb board connectors.

3) After 10 minutes on the LCD TV, the tv will lock.
- Replace voltage regulator IC (LM1117 DT-2.5) on the main logic board.

Hope this tips can help you all.


kent... dell did out of

kent... dell did out of warranty replacements for this for up to 3 years. everyone who has the w2600 has now had it for over 3 years though.

supposedly the problem was the unit would get stuck in standby mode once powered off. it would forget this if power was pulled and everything drained.

it's not a physical soldering issue with the power button or anything, more of a poor programming issue.

I have one of these and the

I have one of these and the boards indeed say lite on, i had a short in the cable that runs to the powersupply, the short melted all the coloring off of the wires, i have replaced the cable sans connector and need to know the colors you have on the connector pin 1-12.

any help is apprectiated!

Has anyone figured out any

Has anyone figured out any better fix for this i have the issue where it wont come back after you turn it off unless you leave it unplugged for about half an hour. has anyone thought of an idea (possibly installing a resister connected to a switch to drain the power supply capacitors after power off? i have also replaced the 10uf 50v with a 10uf 63 volt capacitor on the pcb riser near the mainboard power connectors and it does not seem to have helped.

Larry Dillon
just change out the power

just change out the power supply module man!!!
Larry Dillon

Larry Dillon said:

Larry Dillon said:
just changey out the power supply module man!!!
Larry Dillon

yaa.. because a 126 dollar power supply that is just as faulty is totaly worth it when i can buy a 32inch tv thats brand new for 300 dollars every other week...

Larry Dillon
what are you talking about?I

what are you talking about?I thought you were talking about your computer?
Larry D

For those of us that aren't

For those of us that aren't techies that know where to solder what to where, has anyone found a solution to a TV that has locked channels.

I got my Dell w2600 free from my neighbor who does salvage jobs and got it from a recycle place without a remote.

Supposedly the TV works but I can't unlock it to find out.

I've got a universal remote from my cable company and can turn the unit on and adjust the volume, but I can't change the channels.

Any suggestions?

Alguien puede decirme donde

Alguien puede decirme donde conseguir la fuente de alimentación del Dell W2600 TV?

Debo decir que ha sido una porqueria de aparato y que a Dell le deberia dar verguenza vender algo tan malo.

Hey guys,

Hey guys,
I trying to repair the W2600 - the problem with mine is that as you turn it on no image is displayed. I can hear the programs on tv no problem and change the channels with the remote but as soon as I turn it on it doesnt do anything - no image.
Ive been out of work 14 months and trying to fix this for someone.
Any ideas?

Larry Dillon
i have had this problem many

i have had this problem many times it has always been a bad capacitor. open the unit take off all the shields and covers on the board and look for a bulged capacitor. replace it with the same value and voltage but NOT a radio shack cap!!!!!and your monitor will work again. GOOD LUCK!!!use an higher temperature cap.
Larry D.

Larry - thanks, I will do

Larry - thanks, I will do that asap!
Thing is, I don't see any obvious bad capacitor. I googled bad capacitor and saw some obvious images of them (bulging etc) but from my untrained eye, they all look ok on the tv.
In any case I will change certain capacitors if you can kindly let me know which ones.
There are 2 'motherboards' on the back of the unit. One the power is connected to and the other is where the digital cable cord is connected to.
Thanks for helping.

Larry Dillon
it should be the board where

it should be the board where the screen lights plug into, and the top will look slightly swollen not obvious unless you look close Or by feel
Larry D.

Anyone with a Dell w2600 in

Anyone with a Dell w2600 in Ireland with power on probs and were they able to repair same?

Anyone in Ireland with the

Anyone in Ireland with the Dell W2600. Same old power up problem. Told will cost €200 to repair! Dell have been useless and will never buy another product of theirs!

Larry Dillon
are you sure the fan inside

are you sure the fan inside for the CPU as well as for the power supply starts up when you turn on the computer??

I own TWO lcd2600 and both

I own TWO lcd2600 and both have the same problem, I paid $300 to get one fixed and the tech found that the PCB main logic controlassy problem # 1(it works great now) the problem #2 is that you can't find this part ANYWHERE, the company that made these components for Dell is no longer in business, tech had to ship the part to be refurbished in NY problem #3.

I would never buy a Dell anything again

Has anyone got a solution for

Has anyone got a solution for this?

I've been having the problems for a while but they're getting worse and more frequent now and it's not working more than it is working.

sean 1656
My prob is the W2600 will run

My prob is the W2600 will run for a while then it will shut itself off.
Then if you bang it it will come back on, sometimes, which led me to think its the power supply unit.. The fan works fine, allthough it is hot. Then if i unplug it then turn bock on it will power up again.. Sometime it will run for age's.

Can anyone help please.

Noel Cremin
Hi, I too have a Dell W2600.

Hi, I too have a Dell W2600. I use it mainly as a pc monitor. It recently stopped working...Just seemed to go dead.. I left it alone for a few months but tried turning it on last nite. I wanted to try it with my apple tv sio I put DVI to HDMI adapter on the DVI port. The TV powered up fine. I was able to get into the settings and all other menus but when I plugged the HDMI cable into the Apple tv it powered off and would not turn back on. When I disconnected the Apple tv it would power up again. It is probable that the DVI connection is the problem with my TV/Monitor and that is why it stopped working in the first instance as it was connected to my pc via the DVI port. If anyone can help me fix this I would be very obliged.

Sherman Browne
Hi guys

Hi guys
I have a dell w2600 with no power ,no blue light , when i plug in the set,the 3.3v power is on,after i press the power button ,the relay click and the 5.1v supply is on ,the 14v and 22v is not on ,zero volts.
I disconnected the cable to the main board, and turn on the power supply by connecting 3.3v to pin, power on. all the power supplies came on 3.3, 5.1,14v,22v,9v , I THEN reconnected the connector ,everything went back 3.3v and 5.1v ok but no 14v,22v.9v ,it looks like a faulty main board, but has anyone had a prob like this and did you get it fixed?


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