IItronics - FILE ERROR

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IItronics - FILE ERROR

I've just been given a 256MB MP3 player. I've successfully copied tracks from the internet, as well as from my CD's at home. All the files are in WMA format. It plays the CD tracks fine but when I try to play the downloaded tracks I get an error message saying FILE ERROR. Can anyone help me please?

Some players can play DRM

Some players can play DRM (digital rights management) licensed files and some can't.

The ones which can usually have a D at the end of the model name/number like -> IItronics iMP-117D

If you have a player which can't play DRM files then you might be able find a way to copy the files without DRM.

If you copy your CD's with Windows Media Player, you need to UN-check the Copy protect music" option on the Copy Music tab in the options.

If you burn the downloaded tracks to a CD or to a CD IMAGE (to save wasting a CD - could use CDRW) then copy or rip the music back in MP3 (can't contain DRM) or WMA (without copy protection in Media Player) then you should be able to play them on your player ;)


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