Help needed with Bose Acoustimass 16

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Help needed with Bose Acoustimass 16


I need help with respect to Bose system. I purchased Bose Acoustimass 16 a few days back. I connected it through Onkyo A/V reciver. After a day, the subwoofer system gave out a rumbling sound and quit working. The Bose guys asked me to get it exchanged and I recived a 2nd piece. The same thing happened to the 2nd piece too. Now the 3rd one is on its way.

I am unable to understand the reason for it to fail like this. One thing I noticed though that the power was supplied through a surge protector(old one) and its reset button appears to be stuck which makes me think that surge protector did not work as intended and it blew up Bose.

Is it possible?

Any help in this regard is appreciated.

Anyone here to suggest me a

Anyone here to suggest me a few things?? HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, if the button on the

Well, if the button on the surge protector is stuck in the up position and is still supplying power, than your surge protector is no good. That button works like a breaker, you push it down to reset. If properly operating, the button should be in the down position and have a small amount of travel when you push down on it.
As far as the bose system, there are a number of settings in the reciever menu to keep your eye on.
1) speaker size (i believe they should be set to large, since all speaker leads go to bass modual than to corresponding satellites, check Bose manual)
2) If using LFE output (subwoofer output,a single RCA cable to sub.)on reciever, check LFE cutoff, on Onkyo's later than 2001 (model TX-DS686 and up) this is variable and can be adjusted.
3) Set individual speaker volumes equally at first, i.e. keep them at the default level.
And as always check your wiring carefully, a stray speaker wire can cause problems, depending on how sensitive Bose is.
Try that and let us know how it goes...

Thanks for your reply

Thanks for your reply gitmomike !!1 I appreciate it. I just checked the surge protector in question. The reset button is totally pressed down and there isnt any travel when I push it down.

Does it mean that it does not have the ability to reset/work properly in case of power surge?

I have bought a new Belkin Surge protector today and plan to use it tomorrow with the new systsm. But I just wanted to make sure that the older surge strip was the culprit and that this new one will helme preserve this Bose system this time.

Please let me know.


Hard to say, if its not

Hard to say, if its not interferring with any other component then maybe not. Since it is suspect to defective workmanship it may be worth upgrading, after all, a surge protector is alot cheaper than a new speaker system.
Don't forget to examine the reciever issues as well.


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