RCA receiver problems

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RCA receiver problems

I have had the same problem with 2 RCA home theatre receivers. When plugged in, the standby LED on the power button illuminates. When I press the power button, I hear the "click" as if the unit powered on but there is no response, totally dead, no display and no audio. The cooling fan does come on though.If I press the power button again nothing happens. I have to unplug and replug the system to get the standby LED to come on again. I remover the cover and all the fuses seem to be OK. This is the second system with the EXACT SAME problem, and of course the warranty is up. Please Help!!!

did you ever find out the

did you ever find out the reason for the problem...I have the same problem with my receiver.  Give me an email back and let me know...I just found this website and I would like to get this problem resolved.....my email is [email protected] let me know what you found out...


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