PS2 Game DVD backup

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Tony T
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PS2 Game DVD backup

Is there a tool that can make an exact copy of a PS2 Game DVD, (such as Dance Dance Revolution ... the kids love it) ? I'm hoping someone has some practical experience. I know this might be a grey area, but I only want to protect the investment of my original disk. (guess that's what they all say)

Matt Whitlock
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Tony T, This is a great

Tony T,

This is a great question, but someone beat you to the punch back in April. This was answered in the article "Ask The Experts: Can I Make Back-up Copies of Video Games?".

It's not exactly the answer you want, but it'll at least explain why it's a real pain in the neck to do it, and often why it's not worth it.

When you consider that the ever dropping price of software (and the ability to buy used games at a discount) makes going throught the hassle and expense of modding a system and making copies not worth the investment. The only people that usually benefit from the expense are those who "back up" games they never purchased in the first place.

A better alternative may be to purchase a Skip Doctor... it can repair discs I thought were goners. Look toward the end of the article for a link.

Tony T
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Matt, Thanks for the tip

Thanks for the tip to your previous article & that is the kind of advice I was after. You have saved me alot of time trying to research this on my own. I really appreciate what Techlore is about, and I so glad I found you guys.


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