what is black level?

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what is black level?

i'm kindda new here
but before i post this thread, i've tried to read up the article about "factors of choosing a tv"
and i also tried looking by using the search...

i just wanna know what actually is a black level?
i know its something to do with brightness...
is there any distinction between brightness and black level or is it just a synonym?

and I'm currently deciding whether to purchase a DLP/Plasma/LCD(particularly the Sony Bravia)

answer to either one of my question will be very much appreciated...

Matt Whitlock


Welcome to the TechLore Community!

This is truly a great question, and I'm glad you asked it. Though rather than answer it here, I felt that it would be better if I addressed this as an "Ask The Experts:" article to make the information more easily available. I gave you credit for asking the question.

Read "Ask The Experts: Why Is Black Level So Important?" for an answer to your question.


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