Magnavox big Screen no picture

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Magnavox big Screen no picture

We used it last night for Game Cube, when we first turned it on, it was kind of fuzzy then came in ok, and worked great. Today we tried to turn it on again, the power button came on, the volume is making a slight sound but no picture at all. rehooked all connections, please help. Any suggestions it is about 4 years old, beyond warranty help and customer service unless I pay them to talk to me on the phone (urrrr!!!) Thanks for any help in advance

Matt Whitlock
Try giving it a reset by

Try giving it a reset by unplugging it for 4 hours.

If that doesn't work, skip Magnavox's support line (I despise companies that charge paying customers for basic phone support!) and contact your local Magnavox service guy. He/she should be able to help you, and probably won't charge you for the phone call.


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