I want to run everything thru RCA receiver

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I want to run everything thru RCA receiver

Okay, here it is....RCA receiver has enough room for everything but i am totally confused now on how to get everything there...
TV SANYO only coax in back
VCR Phillips 4 Audios 2 video
DVD Accur-an 2 Audios 1 video and some blue and green hook ups.
Receiver RCA Professional Series DTS 300Watt
Satalite receiver 1 Audio(set) 1 video
RF modulator
At one point I had video, then I had nothing
then connected rf mod to dvd to vcr that was fine but i want to use my speakers thru the receiver....
bottom line....i want to use my 300 watts for everything!

Matt Whitlock
If your RCA receiver has

If your RCA receiver has enough inputs, and is capable of switching composite level (the yellow plug) video, then the easiest way is to run composite video and audio (digital if possible) outputs from all of your sources to Inputs on the reciever.

If you connect some devices like your DVD player or sat box with digital connections (necessary if you want DD 5.1 or DTS sound) you may need to assign the source input to a particular digital audio input in the receiver's menu.

Your reciever will have a "To TV" or "Monitor out" jack for routing video back to the display. Connect this via a composite video cable to the RF modulator. Connect the modulator via coax to the TV. Set the TV to the output channel of the modulator (usually 3 or 4).

Viola! Leave your TV on the appropriate channel, and use your receiver to switch inputs. The source you select on the receiver will appear on the TV, and all sound will come through the receiver.


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