feasible to fix a 1984 19" Mitsubishi color set?

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feasible to fix a 1984 19" Mitsubishi color set?

I love the look, and the picture of my 1984 Mitsubishi color set - it needs its first repair now, and my repairman is retiring. He thinks the tuner is likely needed rebuilt, but he said he can't test the tuner due to its having "two channels" or something like that, his tester won't work.

I would like to fix this set, but am wondering if I will be likely to get repair parts in the future, such as if it needs a picture tube in a few years.

I have considered replacing this set, but all tv's I have seen are so ugly as compared to my cool looking Mitsubishi, and my blue cube Quasar.

I am in the San Diego, California area - Don't mind spending a couple hundred, maybe three - but not thousands.

Matt Whitlock
Repairing a 1984 TV could be

Repairing a 1984 TV could be a costly adventure, and may not even be possible due to part availability. I can't imagine that parts are going to be easy to come by. A tuner...maybe, a picture tube...unlikely.

I would never recommend that invest money in a 21 year old TV. Of course, the only one who can decide it's worth it is you. Whatever you do, make sure you get quotes before opting for repair.


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