32 in Sony Tuner Problem ? Model KV32T335

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32 in Sony Tuner Problem ? Model KV32T335


I have a 32 inch Sony model KV32T335. The problem is that when I switch on the TV, no picture or sound appears, just snow and a lot of
noise. When the TV runs like this for about 5 mins, the picture and sound kick in, and everything is normal from here on. The TV is connected to cable, with good picture once it warms up.

Could anyone suggest what the problem may be? Is there a part that I can change relatively easily to remedy this problem?

Any and all help appreciated.



Matt Whitlock
Sounds like it's a problem

Sounds like it's a problem with the tuner, which may need to be replaced. That, or there's a loose/cold solder connection from the tuner to the main board.

If you can't tell by looking at the board, you'll want to have it inspected by a local servicer.


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