AudioKey 512 Mb - Windows 98SE ask for driver

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AudioKey 512 Mb - Windows 98SE ask for driver

The AudioKey 512 Mb works fine with Win XP.
But a PC with Windows 98SE does not recognize the AudioKey.
I first installed the driver with the CD. I restarted my PC and then I plugged the AudioKey in the USB socket. Windows 98SE gives me a message "New hardware - Portable player" and asks for the directory with the driver. If I select the directory on the CD with the drivers it does not find anything.
On the AudioKey-display I see the word "USB" but it does not show on the Windows Explorer.
On a PC with Win XP everything works fine. I can see three MP3 files.
My SanDisk Memory Stick works fine.
Who can help me???


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