please respond, toshiba mw24fm1

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please respond, toshiba mw24fm1

i posted earlier and am asking for help again. I lost power at the house think the tv took a surge. it clicks but wont turn on. have apart checked many res and seem fine . the fuse is good. there is slight discoloration of board near r415 isnt blown however. what should i look for. i am knowledgable about theory but thats it. took it to local repair man and he charged 20$ to say i dont know whats wrong with it. live in the woods in northern michigan so its hard to have other options. any input from anyone will be greatlly appr... happy holidays

i would say you have a lousy

i would say you have a lousy repairman.
there are problems which are hard to find, but if you are willing to pay, it can be fixed.
there are to many diff. problems which could be with it. starting with power supply:
all red capacitors should be changed
jungle ic chip could be bad( no horiz. drive pulses)
even vertical ic could be bad
and "so on and so on"
other words sorry but you might be better off to get a new or used tv.


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