AM station cross talk

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AM station cross talk

I am hooking up a home AV system. Plasma TV, HD cable box, VCR/DVD combo unit, CD player and receiver. When I attach audio cables out of the TV to the receiver, I get a local AM station(<1mile away) in the background. It is on all receiver channels. This is not a new system. Just a reconfig to accomodate the plasma TV.

If I unplug the AV cable from the TV to the receiver, the problem goes away.

Help would be appreciated.

When you say on all reciever

When you say on all reciever channels, do mean on all the speakers or on each input (CD,DVD,VIDEO 1 etc.)
What kind of cables are you using? The cables could be acting like antennas. Try better cables. The "el cheapos" that come with components are for the most part garbage. Try a modest Monster Cable, even there "low end" may yield a marked improvement.
Also, it is not uncommon for RF to travel through house wiring in the walls, especially if the house is older and the outlets dont have ground plugs. That also could be an issue, but a less likely one. Monster Cable happens to make products for that too, there called power conditoners, if all else fails you could try one out.
Unfortunatly technologically advanced electronics are more sensitive to outside interference than ever before, thats why there is a FCC compliance label on the back of your new TV and everything else you plug into a wall or put a battery in.
Good Luck -- let us know how it goes...



Thanks for your input.

I basically get the AM signal on the three video channels, CD and tape. It comes through on all speakers. I think the Plasma TV is acting like a big antenna.

I'll try the Monster cables.

Thanks again!


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I am a Vietnam Vet. My unit recently returned from Iraq to Ft. Lewis Wa. I attended the memorial service for fallen soldiers and the coming home ceremony.

Thank you for your service.


Well, time goes by, and I

Well, time goes by, and I have tried some of the things gitmomike suggested. A power purifier and some monster audio cables. No luck. The interference comes on the three video input nhcannles. It happens when I hook up either the TV or DVD to my receiver.

This all started happening when I rewired my family room to move my componentsto one centralized location. Plus I acquired a plasma TV and an HD digital cable box. It ended up changing my connections.

Any other ideas?


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