Another "No Card" problem

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Another "No Card" problem

I read the thread below on a camera not reading it's memory card. I have had my Minolta DiMage S414 for a year now. I bought it used, so no warrenty.
Can the card reader just go bad? This is a brand new problem for me, and I don't know wheather to try to get it fixed, or just buy another camera!
Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Matt Whitlock
Sure, when you're talking

Sure, when you're talking about gadgets, virtually anything can go wrong. The first thing to do would be to try another flash card, but if that doesn't work, it could be the camera's reader.

If you need repair or replace advice, you may want to read "How to Determine if you Should Repair a Broken Device", which has some good info.

Thanks Matt, I will definitly

Thanks Matt, I will definitly check this out. I tried a new card, no go.


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