Are you into MMO?

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Jeff Block
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Are you into MMO?

Okay, I'm taking an informal poll. Are you into massively-multiplayer online games? Do you play Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Worlds of Warcraft, or other? Are you looking forward to the release of the release of the new Star Trek Online MMO (see my blog entry)?

If you dig these kinds of games, which one is the best? Why? Maybe post an article about your experiences.

What do you think?

Matt Whitlock
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Like I mentioned before, I

Like I mentioned before, I try to steer clear of MMOs. I just know that if I got wrapped up in a game like EverQuest or World of Warcraft, I would spend far too much time playing. Let's face it, I'm on the computer enough as it is. However, the new Trek MMO is calling my name... Will I be able to resist temptation???

From what I understand, Sony just killed the Star Wars Galaxies MMO with their latest NGE (New Game Enhancements) patch. From what I hear, there are now only 9 charcter classes instead of 36, allowing a newbie to become a Jedi in a very short period of time, undermining all the hard work from the SWG veterans that spent hours and hours of play time building their character levels.

Everquest is still popular, but it's a really old game, so I'd have a hard time giving it the current "best" status. I'd have to say the World of Warcraft is the current MMO champ, but don't think you can just pick it up and play. I hear the addiction is worse than crack, which is exactly why I've tried to avoid it.

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I have played at least 4 MMO

I have played at least 4 MMO's, starting with Everquest, moving to Dark Age of Camelot, then on to Anarchy Online.

I currently play World of Warcraft (WoW) and it is by far the best and most accessible of all the MMO's.

If you're going to pick up an MMO and you've never played before, WoW will be your game.

Be warned, they call it "World of Warcrack"

I have 2 characters and I've logged over 20 days of played time (that's actual DAYS spent on my character, as in 480 hours :)) and I am considered a "casual" gamer.

Jeff Block
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A quick update...I bailed

A quick update...

I bailed from Star Wars Galaxies after they screwed it up, and now I'm totally hooked on World of Warcraft. It's superior to SWG in every way, I have to say, and my addiction level couldn't be higher.


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