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Looking to buy a headphone set with or without a receiver (am/fm) that will block out noise while driving a tractor. Any ideas on which brand will work? Will the Bose QuietComfort block this type of noise?

Matt Whitlock
I'm not sure if there are any

I'm not sure if there are any noise-cancelling headphones that will cut all of the noise from a tractor, but it would certainly be better than nothing. Try to go for something full size that covers your entire ear.

I think you should look at the Bose QuietComfort II, as well as some models from Sennheiser (like the PXC150, PXC250, and CC 500).

You could also look at a few models from Sony (The NC-20 is pretty good) and Philips, (like the HN100) but I've found the Bose and Sennheisers to have the best noise-cancelling systems currently available. That's not a fact, just my opinion.


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