Rca Lyra RD2765 help!

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Rca Lyra RD2765 help!

Hello I desperatly need help with my Lyra RD2765. When I power on my unit I get a message saying "File System Corrupted". Is there any way to fix this? Also, would i need a install cd because I have misplaced min? Is there any way to obtain a new one? Any help would be apreciated. Thank you

Did you get a solution for

Did you get a solution for your problem? We have the same problem also. Called the ThomsonInc and they were no help either. Said that it would cost over $56 to fix. This represented parts and labor costs. It was not until I started researching did I find that others were experiencing the same problem. It makes me angry because they know of this error but are still selling a product that has issues with it. They do not want to stand behind the product in which they have offered. I am going to call them again with my new findings and see if they own up to what is going on or skirt around the issue. If no results, next step will be filing a claim and seeing what legal recourse I can get towards the company.

Larry Dillon
They will just tell you there

They will just tell you there is a warranty and if its out of warranty Too Bad. Yes I agree with you, morally they should stand behind a problem that they know is happening to alot of units, but they do not care. its the same old same old with most of their TV sets they have been haveing issues with for years.

I have had this same problem.

I have had this same problem.  From what I have researched you can reformat the player by using the cd.  I have contacted Thomson INC.  as well.  They are dening everything.  I have found out from research that you can use the cd to reformat it.  They also told me that you don't need the cd if you have XP operating system.  But you need the cd to install the drivers.  I don't understand it is messed up.


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