recommendation please: HD player w/ search function

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recommendation please: HD player w/ search function

I need a high capacity mp3 player that has an alphabetical search function, as opposed to a browsing feature.

I am a band director and currently use an ipod photo to store all my band recordings. My collection of band songs is getting too big and when students tell me they want to hear the Curnow arrangement of the Holst piece... I go crazy trying to remember what Cd that was on... the '98 Pepper Promo? The one I recorded myself at the 2001 All-State Concert?

I need an alphabetical search function--not genre browsing or anything like that. What's out there for me? Price is not a consideration for me. I would also be interested in models that record themselves--like I could take it to the band concert and leave it on my stand (right now, I do that with a minidisc recorder, then connect to my CD-R with digital optical out, then load the Cd I made onto itunes. It is a long process). Pretty much though, the more expensive the better. I want to have nicer things than my students!



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