Help in buying a digital camera

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Help in buying a digital camera

How much should one spend on a beginner digital camera? I want something good for general pictures with long battery life.I take a lot of scenery.What megapixel should I get?I do not need a docking station.I have a computer.I travel so I need to charge batteries while traveling.What brands are good?Maybe a little zoom.I want lots of memory.

You will have to try a few

You will have to try a few out in the shops and decide which you are most comfortable with. Why not look at your friends cameras and the resulting photos from them. I find 5 megapixels or above to be ok and also stick to the well known manufactors. Always carry a spare set of nmh fully  recharged batteries just in case, as they don't last long. There are plenty of small nmh fast chargers on the market, make sure you get one that switches its self off when the batteries are fully charged. Memory cards come in different sizes, don't forget you can carry a spare one of those also.

 Happy photography T,

Larry Dillon
Check out this site.  Maybe

Check out this site.  Maybe will show you a few things.  For the money and the features, I think the Canon Powershot series is good.


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